Septic Tank Inspections

Regular inspections of your septic system are one of the easiest ways to save money on overall septic maintenance costs. Many people view inspections as an unnecessary expense, but the truth is that inspections routinely uncover overlooked problems before they cause damage and require costly repairs.

Most septic systems should be inspected once per year. This allows inspectors to determine exactly when the tank will need pumped and also to identify issues before they escalate in severity. Inspections are also required by law prior to the sale or transfer of a property to a new owner.

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Benefits of Septic Tank Inspections:
1. Identifies problems before they get too severe. 2. Ensures your tank is pumped on time. 3. Required for property transfers.


Why Do Septic Tanks Need To Be Inspected?

The most common reason for a septic tank inspection is to determine if the tank needs pumped. All systems fill up with solid material called sludge overtime, but the rate at which this happens can vary greatly from house to house.

Factors such as household size, water consumption and tank capacity can all have an impact on how quickly the tank fills. One of the most significant contributors to sludge build up is garbage disposals, as these greatly increase the amount of organic material that enters the system.

When tanks overfill, the system will stop working properly with costly results. Sludge can enter and clog drain fields, pipes can develop backups and leaks, the rate at which water is processed can decrease, and waste material can even contaminate the local water supply.

While we recommend that all tanks are pumped every 2-3 years, the only way to reliably avoid overfilling is to actually look inside the tank and inspect the sludge to liquid ratio. This is not as easy as it sounds and should always be conducted by an experienced professional. Inspectors will check for things such as sludge build up and filter cleanliness, ensuring your system will continue operating effectively without interruption.

When Do Tanks Need to Be Inspected?

As discussed above, routine inspections should be scheduled yearly. A more thorough inspection should be completed whenever your septic tank is pumped. Empty tanks allow the inspector to perform visual inspections of the interior of your system and also determine if there are any leaks in your pipes.


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Report of System Status Inspections

Another type of inspection that property owners should be aware of is referred to as a Report of System Status by the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. If your property is served by a septic system, the health department requires you to have an inspection completed before you sell or transfer your home.

The main reasons for this are to guarantee that the buyer receives a working septic system and to ensure that the system isn’t leaking contaminants into the local water supply. Sellers also enjoy decreased liability because they have proof of a proper functioning system that will protect them in the event a buyer tries to claim it was failing.

There’s only one good way to know the overall health of your septic system and that is to have regular inspections done that will help uncover and avoid potential problems. Don’t let the desire to save money prevent you from scheduling regular inspections, because they will save you time, money and frustrations in the long run.

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