Keep Your Septic System in Top Shape


One aspect of being a responsible homeowner involves making sure that your septic tank stays in excellent condition. This is not as complicated as it sounds, especially if you pay close attention to the following advice.

One common problem is people getting rid of gasoline, animal fats and cooking oil. If not disposed of properly, these can build up inside your system and prevent the bacteria inside from breaking things down properly. If you have to get rid of any of these materials, you should place them in a sealed container and place them in the garbage.

When you’re doing laundry, it can be tempting to add fabric softeners in order to make your clothing or linens plusher. With that said, opt for dryer sheets instead of the liquid products that are supposed to be poured into the washing machine. It is further recommended that you use a detergent that does not create a great deal of suds. This will help your septic system continue working as it should.

Never use your drains to get rid of medication that you no longer need. Many pharmaceuticals, especially antibiotics, can wreak havoc on your system since it reduces the quality of the treatments. If you are wary of tossing them in the garbage pail, you can return them to your doctor and have them dispose of them for you.

A garbage disposal is there to assist you in compacting and getting rid of food waste. If you have large amounts of food that needs to be eliminated at once, you should toss it in the trash. Placing too much into the disposal at once can cause some problems when it comes to septic system health.

Taking care of your septic system is not as tiresome or complicated as you probably believed prior to reading this. If you want to keep your system in working order and avoid having to call on a professional for help, you should make sure to remember everything you have learned.

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