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Septic waste systems are likely, one of the least acknowledged modern day innovatons that we utilize daily and rarely consider. And if you were to consider that without them, our natural environment in District of Columbia wouldn't be nearly as beautiful and pristine. Long before there were septic systems waste simply drained into our neighborhood water supply.

An outhouse was the most common option of the day, most located over a dug hole in the earth where waste is collected. When the pit is filled, then the outhouse is simply moved over top of a new hole. It's evident, that septic systems are a huge advancement over this approach.

The First Septic System The invention of the septic system can be credited to a Frenchman by the name of Jean Mouras. Mouras built a basic system in 1860, in the back garden property of his home in France. With clay pipes, he ferried the waste from the toilet room indoors to the septic tank outside. After 10 years had passed, the tank was opened and it was discovered that only liquid remained. There was very little solids left. After discussing his findings he patented his septic system in 1881. By 1883, septic systems were in America and after World War ll, prices dropped and more people were able to enjoy the benefits.

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Current Day Considerations in District of Columbia

Post second world war, there were little, if any restraints with regard to how septic waste systems were maintained or built. It wasnt until the 1970s that the governments started to pay attention and enact legislation in District of Columbia to ensure minimum standards were met.

While septic systems were a major innovation of the era, people are concerned about environmental impacts of some of the now old systems in District of Columbia. When septic systems break down, the result can be unhealthy waste leaking into local town water and food supplies. This is a serious and real possibility, that has resulted in a vast array of by-laws and regulations with regard to the qualified installation and maintenance of septic waste systems by local governing bodies. Ironically, septic only causes problems when not functioning efficiently. In the majority of cases, septic system failure are due to lack of or improper maintenance.

And if you take anything away from this article, let it be this; If you enjoy hiking in nature, if you're grateful for clean drinking water clean lakes and streams… Then take good care of your septic and book in your regular maintenance! Call Superior Septic Pros today in District of Columbia and book your appointment.

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